Mr. Laxminarayan M Hegde

It’s a great privilege to work with the true visionaries who strive hard to ensure Bapuji’s vision about the development of villages to achieve the Rama Rajya, Learn about Mr. Laxminarayan M Hegde (Founder secretory) also the Founder and CEO of MEARDS (Malnadu Education And Rural Development Society) who is working from 1998 and contributing the upliftment of rural education in western Ghat zone.

Chandana Innovative School for Children in Narebail Village (about 7 K.M.s from Sirsi) is a small beginning in this direction. They aim to impart education to rural children in the serene rural ambiance. Provision of entrepreneurial, vocational, child-centered education is their object. Education should be interesting, meaningful and should also be near to real life. Further, it is their motto that financial constraints should not be a hurdle for getting a proper education. The teachers should be friendly guides to the natural growth and development of the children. Self-reliance should come to the child from the very beginning. Today the children are far more aware of computer technology than their teachers. The teachers should accept this fact and should also be ready to learn from the children.

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