Ms. Sowmya S

Meet Ms. Sowmya S, Director of Annayappa Bhyraweshwara School, Normal school in a big city is becoming special with its service of uplifting thousands of students by catering to the overall development of the economic class.

We found her in implementing the true meaning of the famous quote of Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”. There are thousands of students are educated and empowered through this institution and leading their successful life and uplifted families to the better their living standards. such cherish-able feedback is the main driving force, which is taken and lead by Ms. Sowmya in its true spirit. With all the limitations to operate an institution at a very affordable cost to its targeted parents, they compromised nowhere, they have all infrastructure and facilities to address and bringing up their student’s by making them in experiencing the facilities up to the standards and preparing them to address the life challenges with apt methodologies and tools. We wish all the success to Ms. Sowmya S and her crew, let them continue to find more smiles across the families by providing quality education at an affordable cost.